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The Cessna Citation XLS+ Medium Jet is manufactured by Cessna since 2008. The cabin measures 18.5 feet long by 5.5 feet wide by 5.7 feet tall giving it a total cabin volume of 576.6 cubic feet making it comfortable for up to 8 passengers The CESSNA Citation XLS, manufactured from 2004-2008, requires a 2 person crew and can transport up to 8 passengers. The aircraft has a maximum operating altitude of 45,000', a normal cruise speed of 433 KTS/499 MPH, and a 1,501 NM/1,728 SM seats-full range. The CESSNA Citation XLS has a 3,812' balanced field length and 3,618' landing distance Propel Aviation Sales & Services LLC., is pleased to bring to market for the first time this 2002 Cessna Citation Excel with an outstanding pedigree. CESCOM, all books, and records available, NDH,. Cessna Citation XLS . Description. The Citation XLS is technically a mid-sized jet - its cabin length is 18.7 feet and it can fly up to 1,961 miles (1,704 nautical miles); however, it can also take off in 3,500 feet and climb to cruise altitude in just 18 minutes, performance statistics reminiscent of light private jets

Cessna Citation XLS For Sale. History of the Cessna Citation XLS / XLS+. The Citation XLS is the second of Cessna's Excel medium-sized jet series, coming after the Citation Excel. The first Citation XLS was delivered in 2003 and it continued to be produced until 2008. This was then followed by the XLS+, which featured improvements mainly. Cessna Citation Excel 560XL's For Sale Manufactured since 1998 How much does it cost to buy a Cessna Citation Excel 560XL? Prices range between $1,695,000 and $2,500,000 with 30 currently advertised for sale Le Cessna Citation XLS+ est une version améliorée et plus récente du Cessna Citation Excel, avion d'affaires à turboréacteur construit par Cessna Aircraft Compagny. Ce jet privé est un véritable succès commerciale pour la compagnie qui en a vendu 700 (toutes versions confondues) en 10 ans the citation xls is the most popular business jet in the world, best known for its comfort and low operating costs.le cessna citation excel est un avion d'affaires à turboréacteur construit par cessna aircraft company à wichita, Étatsunis. l'excel a connu une évolution en citation xls et en citation xls The Cessna Citation XLS is a turbofan-powered, medium-sized business jet built by the Cessna Aircraft Company in Wichita, Kansas. A member of the wide-ranging Citation brand of business jets, the Citation XLS was the first development of the Citation Excel and began production in 2003. The Citation XLS is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW545B engines with 3,975 pounds of thrust, and a.

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Cessna Citation XLS+ North America + Canada, United States - AR. Change Location. Working with the world's leading aviation companies for over 20 years × Email Seller/Request Brochure on 2014 Cessna Citation XLS+ S/N 560-6175 Please include your country code e.g. +1 234 456 7891. REQUEST BROCHURE AvBuyer's trusted service partners: Get a Free Finance Quote on this Jet Send me email alerts for. 2006 Cessna Citation XLS MSN 5613 - G-CXLS Ask for More Information With a great pedigree, complete maintenance history and enrolled on airframe, engine & APU programs, MSN 5613 is a clean example and the ideal workhorse for either private or commercial ops

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Le Cessna Citation Excel est un des avions d'affaires les plus appréciés du marché. Ses livraisons ont commencé en 1998. L'avion a été modernisé et rebaptisé Citation XLS puis Citation XLS+. Il a longtemps été le plus vendu au monde. Un de ses points forts est la taille de sa soute à bagages : la plus grande de sa catégorie Cessna Citation XLS-Features Detailed virtual cockpit with smooth scrollingEasy to read panelsChecklist.txt to use in the sim Night LIT texturesWorki

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Le Cessna Citation Excel (Model 560XL) est un avion d'affaires de taille moyenne, à turboréacteurs à double flux, construit par la société américaine Cessna Aircraft Company à Wichita, dans l'État du Kansas Cessna's plan for the midsize Citation Excel, an aircraft first announced in 1994, was to combine light jet economics and runway performance with a comfortable, stand-up cabin. That wasn't a new idea; the manufacturer was sticking to its time-tested potion of evolutionary development based on simple and robust systems The Cessna Citation XLS was first introduced in 2004, based on the popular Citation XL line of mid-sized jets. The XLS featured more powerful engines and a glass cockpit. Smaller airfields are easily accessible in an XLS. This nimble eight-seater needs only 3,500 feet of runway length, while most of its competitors need at least 5,200 feet The straight wing design of Cessna's Citation XLS business jet allows for short-field take-offs and landings, meaning access to more airports, more often. ROOM FOR YOU, PLUS UP TO SEVEN GUESTS Just because it's labeled a midsize jet doesn't mean you're making compromises Cessna Citation Excel / XLS Fly private on a Citation XL, XLS, or XLS+. Combine transcontinental range, first-class comfort for up to 8 passengers, and incredible performance, and you're left with the Citation Excel / XLS / XLS+, a midsize jet by Cessna/Textron Aviation. Packed with features generally found in larger jets and commercial aircraft, it's the perfect way to take your business.

Cessna launched the first model of the Citation Excel series in 1998, improving the performance of the aircraft and enhancing the cabin's comfort ever since. The XLS is the new version of the Citation Excel, flying faster and farther than the previous models. In 2008 a number of upgrades resulted in the XLS+. The latter boasts the greatest range of the Excel series' Super Light Jets, able. Cessna Citation XLS Plus Take Off at Eindhoven Airport Sign in to follow this . Followers 0. Cessna Citation XLS Plus Take Off at Eindhoven Airport. By pitrixplanespotting, September 9 in Aviation and Flight Sim Video Forum. Recommended Posts. pitrixplanespotting 54 pitrixplanespotting 54 Member ; Members; 54 182 posts. Cessna 2005 - Citation XLS Business Jet Model: CESSNA CITATION XLS/+ Year: 2005 Serial Numbers: 560-5535 § -5596 Trend: Engine Takeoff Power: P&W 3991 lb thr • PW545B Average Overhaul $ Installed: Engine TBO Hours: 5000 Max Seats: 10 Appraisal Points: See more data for this model: Historical Value Reference : Base Average Equipment. Full complement of intergrated avionics through color. Citation XLS pilot initial training is a 14-day program and is offered in our Dallas and London facilities — days off vary by location and regulatory agency. To ensure that we meet customer needs and provide a training experience true to the aircraft, we tailor training to your schedule and your operational requirements. So work with the people who work with you

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  1. Le Cessna Citation XLS est une version améliorée du Cessna Citation Excel. Ce jet privé de taille moyenne est capable de voyager plus rapidement que son prédécesseur, le Citation Excel. Des aspects supplémentaires comme l'accès aux courtes pistes et une capacité de bagages importante garantissent la satisfaction de tous les passagers. Le Citation XLS est généralement configuré.
  2. Le Cessna Citation Excel est un avion d'affaires à turboréacteur construit par Cessna Aircraft Company à Wichita, aux États-Unis. Le Cessna Excel est à l'origine des appareils Citation XLS et Citation XLS+. Ce modèle est un succès commercial pour Cessna qui a vendu 700 appareils de la famille en 10 ans. Caractéristiques commerciales : Le Cessna Citation Excel a effectué son.
  3. Landing at Albi-Le Séquestre airport - LBI/LFCI (Tarn, France). Filmed on the 26th of July, 2018. Hope you enjoy ! Feel free to COMMENT, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE.
  4. Cessna Citation est un nom commercial utilisé par le constructeur aéronautique américain Cessna pour sa ligne de jets d'affaires depuis 1969. Plutôt qu'un modèle particulier d'avion, le nom s'applique à plusieurs « familles » d'avions à réaction produits au fil des années. Les versions militaires comprennent les series T-47 et UC-35. Cette ligne doit son nom à un cheval, Citation.

Cessna Citation 560 XLS+ à XL / XLS Rapport préparé et présenté par : Len Kaufman Comité d'évaluation opérationnelle Transports Canada, Aviation civile Aviation commerciale et d'affaires 9300, chemin de l'Aéroport, Unité 450 Mount Hope ON L0R 1W0 Téléphone : 905-679-2612 Télécopieur -0033 Courriel : len.kaufman@tc.gc.ca. DATE : Le 27 août 2009 Roman Marushko Gestionnaire de. My goal is to provide a great learning experience by creating a personalized training scenario based on your Cessna Citation experience level, type of flying and personal goals. Whether you need an initial type rating, a single pilot wavier or recurrent training, I have a program for you. Executive Jet Programs CE-500 Recurrent Training CE-510 Recurrent Training CE-525 Recurrent Training. Cessna 560XL Citation Excel de la Swiss AF (1 exemplaire) Merci Stanak! En service depuis 2002 comme l'avion du Conseil Fédéral, cet appareil portait l'immatriculation civile HB-VAA avant d'être officiellement sous la responsabilité des forces aériennes et de recevoir une immatriculation militaire (T-784) et l'inscription Swiss Air Force en janvier 2005 The Citation XLS Medium Jet has been manufactured by Cessna since 1998 and is currently in production. The cabin measures 18.7 feet long by 5.5 feet wide by 5.7 feet tall giving it a total cabin volume of 461 cubic feet making it comfortable for 8 passengers, with the maximum configuration seating 8 Cessna Citation Excel / XLS jet avion d'occasion (Citation XLS

Cessna Citation XLS . About . Derived from the highly popular Citation Excel midsize jet, the Citation XLS and XLS+ have a modernised interior and can go faster and further. A reliable and justifiably popular choice for short or medium range flights up to 4 hours, with near-standing headroom, washroom and good baggage space. Cabin length . 18ft / 5.7m Seating . 7 - 9 Washrooms . 1 Engines . 2. Cessna handed over a Citation XLS plus to Établissement National de la Navigation Aérienne (ENNA) of Algeria in November 2009. Cessna also says that the Excel / XLS is the world's best selling business jet model with a worldwide fleet of nearly 680 aircraft logging over 1.5 million flight hours; over 160 XLS have been delivered to Europe says Cessna. In October 2008, Cessna revealed. Cessna 560XL Citation Excel (1 exemplaire) — T-784; Versions. Cessna 560XL Citation Excel: 1ere version de série, 308 exemplaires. Cessna 560XL Citation XLS : Moteurs PW545B, performances améliorées. Cessna 560XL Citation XLS+: Version améliorée avec des FADEC, un nouveau nez et des moteurs PW545C Cessna Citation Excel Description. The Citation Excel is technically a mid-sized jet, yet it still fits in the super light jet class- its cabin length is 18.7 feet and it can fly up to 1,961 miles (1,704 nautical miles) - but it can take off in 3,590 feet and climb to cruise altitude in just 18 minutes, performance statistics reminiscent of light private jets Le Citation XLS est un jet fiable, capable de transporter jusqu'à huit passagers et leurs bagages d'un point à l'autre de l'Europe. Doté de la même soute généreuse que son petit frère le XL, il bénéficie aussi d'un système de climatisation particulièrement silencieux et offre plus de souplesse au niveau du freinage

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  1. L'avion d'affaires le plus vendu au monde, le Citation XLS offre une cabine similaire à celle du Citation Excel, mais ses moteurs et son avionique améliorés lui octroient des performances supérieures. Il a eu beaucoup de succès sur le marché des vols affrétés, en raison de sa polyvalence. Contactez-nous pour affréter cet avion. Nous sommes disponibles 24h/24, 7j/7
  2. Here is the Cessna Citation Excel XLS + for the latest simulators, cabin and interior are fully 3D, VC and sounds from the Lear45. Citation Shares unique livery. Particular attention was given to the realism and detail. The Cessna Citation Excel is a turbofan business jet built by Cessna Aircraft Company in Wichita, USA. Excel has evolved in Citation XLS and XLS + Quote. the model is a.
  3. Cessna's latest offering, the Citation XLS, is the enhanced descendant of the world's best-selling business jet, the Citation Excel. Since certificating the Excel in April 1998, the manufacturer.
  4. Variant models include the Citation XLS and Citation XLS+. The Citation Sovereign features a stretched version of the Excel's fuselage with an all-new moderately swept wing. The stand-up cabin is 24 feet long. The {CitationJet}, also known as the Citation CJ, was an all-new design. The Cessna Citation Jet features a shorter cabin instead of a stand-up. Variants include the Citation CJ1, CJ1.
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  6. Cessna Citation Excel used two Pratt & Whitney PW545 engines to move the plane. With that engine, the Citation XLS can fly up to 1,961 miles, and only need a 3,590 feet lane to takeoff. The airplane can accommodate up to ten persons, and its cabin is very quiet thanks to the triple sealed entry door and triple pane windows. The XLS uses.

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  1. Cessna Citation XLS+ . NON-STOP LONDON TO ATHENS. A customer favourite, the Citation XLS+ can accommodate up to nine passengers. With its' spacious standing cabin and large leather seats, the aircraft has a reputation for comfort. The XLS+ also offers class-leading baggage space. Skiing or golfing or other sporting equipment comfortably fits in the large hold beside regular luggage.
  2. G5000 avionics suite and autopilot, new interior, GoGo L3 WiFi, Talk, Text and iPad/iPhone/Android Entertainment via the GoGo Vision App. Up to 9 passengers. can enjoy an exceptionally quiet cabin with superior head and shoulder room along with a full.
  3. Avidyne has obtained Part 25 STC approval for its IFD540 multifunction flight management system in Cessna Citation 560 Excel and XLS models equipped with the Primus 1000 EFIS

D-CVVV Cessna Citation XLS from augusta air approaching and landing at augsburg airport on a late afternoon. Watch the landing and taxiing at edma, germany a.. Affrétez, partagez un Cessna | Citation XLS. Le Citation XLS, lancé en 2004, fait partie des Super light jets. Très rapide et confortable cet appareil possède une cabine équipée de toilettes et une large soute à bagages. En 2008, sa version améliorée est lancée: le Citation XLS+. Cette version est équipée de FADEC et de sièges. Louez un jet léger Cessna Citation XLS et voyagez en tout confort avec jusqu'à 8 personnes avec une autonomie de 3600 km/h - service 24

Cessna Citation Excel/ XLS/XLS+ Training Program Highlights. FlightSafety operates the world's only Citation XLS+ full flight simulators. Get a head start on your training with FlightBag, our second-generation training materials app. Download complete training and pre-course study materials and access them wherever you are from any device. Materials are updated automatically as new. Cessna Citation XLS+ technical publications: Part number: Collins Aerospace FMS Cessna CJ3 Overview and Demonstrator : 523-0807570: Diagnostic Guide: 523-0808530: Pro Line 21 Pilots Guide: 523-0808531: Avionics System Manual XLS+: 523-0808529: TCAS-4000 Pilot's Guide: 523-0780407: WAAS/LPV FMS Ops Guide: 523-0810596: Optional : HF-9000 Pilot's Guide: 523-0774344: Corporate Datalink System CMU. Cessna Citation XLS charters are a updated version of the Cessna Excel and some improvements have been made. This aircraft not only goes farther, but it also goes faster - even with the additional cabin space that allows for more passengers. Features like LED Lighting and a couch help to improve the overall cabins look and feel. LED lighting is also more energy efficient and lasts a longer. The Cessna Citation XLS is an improved version of the Cessna Citation Excel. This mid-size private jet is capable of travelling faster and further than its predecessor, carrying up to nine passengers comfortably. Additional aspects of small runway requirements and sizeable baggage capacity ensure the satisfaction of all passengers. The Citation XLS is usually configured to seat nine passengers.

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  1. Take a 360 VR virtual visit of the NetJets | Cessna Citation XLS - VRCLOUD on VRCloud
  2. ed that the same type rating can be awarded and that.
  3. Cessna 560 Citation XLS : Auteur Message; TIM PATRICK Aéroport: Cannes-Mandelieu & Nice Age: 58 Messages: 899: Sujet: Cessna 560 Citation XLS Dim 15 Sep - 9:03: Bjr A LFMD 14/9 560 CITATION XLS. 560 CITATION ULTRA. 560 CITATION XL. Dernière édition par TIM PATRICK le Dim 15 Sep - 9:36, édité 1 fois: J'aime.
  4. Le Cessna Citation Excel est un avion d'affaires à turboréacteur construit par Cessna Aircraft Company à Wichita, États-Unis. L'Excel a connu une évolution en Citation XLS et en Citation XLS+. Le modèle est un succès commercial pour Cessna qui a vendu 700 appareils de la famille en 10 ans [1]. Histoire . Fidèle à sa politique évolutive, Cessna a conçu le Citation Excel en s'appuyant.
  5. Cessna enhanced the Citation XLS+ aircrafts with FADEC engines controls, a completely revised nose design and also with improved Pratt & Whitney PW545C engines. This aircraft is the first of the XL line that includes Collins Pro Line 21 Avionics and a four tube EFIS display, being different of the three tube Honeywell displays in the XL and XLS
  6. The Cessna Citation XLS is a super-light business jet that combines the comfort of a business aircraft with a high passenger compartment where a person can move full-length as well as having versatility of use. A nice feature of the Cessna Citation XLS jet is its fuel efficiency, which is a distinctive characteristic of Cessna's small light jets

Cessna 560XL Citation XLS Plus; OO-VMF photos; Air Service Liège (ASL) Airline: Air Service Liège (ASL) Reg: OO-VMF photos; Aircraft: Cessna 560XL Citation XLS Plus; Serial #: 560-6193; Photo date: 2020-08-10; Uploaded: 2020-08-25; Likes: 0. Comments: 0. Views: 223. Location: Bari - Palese (Karol Wojtyla) - LIBD, Italy; By: Enzo Gattullo - Plane Spotters Bari Photos | Profile | Contact. Cessna Citation XLS Power Brake and Antiskid System; Cessna Citation XLS Pressurization; Cessna Citation XLS Warning and Test; FLIGHT PATTERNS; DO NOT USE FOR FLIGHT; INSTRUCTOR'S CORNER; The material contained on this site is to be used for training purposes only. Do not use it for flight! Please note that Smartcockpit is not affiliated in any way with any airplane manufacturer Company. D-CPOS Private Cessna 560XL Citation XLS photographed at Lisbon Portela (LIS / LPPT) by Maksimov Maxim. Photos. Latest Additions; Most Popular; Editor's Choice; User Favorites; Photo Search; Upload Your Photos; Aircraft. Production Lists; Latest Deliveries; Delivery Stats 2019; 737 MAX Special; Airlines. Airline Index ; Airlines by Country; Login Sign Up. D-CPOS Private Cessna 560XL Citation. Third Cessna SkyCourier test aircraft joins flight test program September 28, 2020 Royal Thai Air Force equips pilot cadre with advanced training program, awards Textron Aviation Defense with a $162M contract for 12 Beechcraft T-6C Texan II aircraft, training, spares and support service Citation XLS Citation XLS+ Learjet 60XR Citation X G200 Cessna. Citation XLS+. The Mid-Size Jet of US manufacturer Cessna is - due to its comfortable stand-up cabin - perfect for medium range flights. OE-GWS / Homebase LOWW . OE-GJB / Homebase LOWW. Travel Range: 1.700,00 nm / 2.735,00 km. Maximum Cruising Speed: 482,00 mph / 777,00 kmh. Max Operating Altitude: 45.000,00 ft / 13.700,00 m.

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Cessna Citation Excel Library ; Cessna Citation Excel Library. Call for Price . SKU: BXHH . Options . Back. Call for Price . Net Users Quantity -+ Caveats If you plan on accessing your ATP publications on a mobile device, you will need to download the ATP Aviation Hub mobile app. The Hub mobile app can b... Details Appliance Saft America Inc. 4076-13, 4078-14, 437CH14, 4417CH14 Airframe Text. Le meilleur outil de suivi des vols : Cartes de suivi en temps réel, statut des vols, et retards dans les aéroports pour les vols des compagnies aériennes, les vols privés et ceux de l'aviation générale, et aéroports Le Citation X est le produit phare des jets d'affaires de Cessna et l'un des avions les plus respectés sur le vaste marché de l'aviation. Ce jet d'affaire de taille moyenne projette à lui seul l'image et l'esprit d'indépendance et d'entreprenariat. Puissant mais modéré, impressionnant mais jamais excessif, envié mais jamais copié

The Cessna Citation X uses Allison AE 300 7A engines - equipped with FADEC with gives it the capacity to run at 703 miles per hour making it one of the fastest modes for civilian transport. A very important feature in the Citation X is the large diameter of the engine intakes which is related to the high bypass ratio turbofans The Cessna Citation X (Model 750) is an American business jet with 3,460 nmi (6,408 km) of range produced by Cessna and part of the Citation family. Announced at the October 1990 NBAA convention, it made its maiden flight on December 21, 1993, received its type certification on June 3, 1996 and was first delivered in July 1996

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  1. The Cessna Citation XLS/Excel is one of the best-selling business jets ever built. It can operate out of smaller airports while still offering the comfort and amenities of a midsize jet. More than 18 feet in length, the cabin provides ample room for up to seven passengers - and enough height to stand up in
  2. Le Cessna Citation Excel est un avion d'affaires à turboréacteur construit par Cessna Aircraft Company à Wichita, États-Unis. L'Excel a connu une évolution en Citation XLS et en Citation XLS+. Le modèle est un succès commercial pour Cessna qui a vendu 700 appareils de la famille en 10 ans [ 1 ]
  3. In 2004, Cessna began delivering the Citation XLS. Compared to the Excel, the XLS features an upgraded glass cockpit based on the Honeywell Primus 1000 EFIS avionics suite and upgraded engines that improve efficiency while increasing its range and improving upon its runway performance

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Le Cessna Citation Excel a été dérivé en deux versions, le Citation XLS et le Citation XLS+.Le Citation XLS a essentiellement subit une modernisation de son avionique désormais tout écran et une remotoriastion avec des Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545B offrant une puissance légèrement supérieure. Le Citation XLS+ L'avionique a été modernisé, la motorisation est désormais assuré par. 2005 Cessna Citation XLS; 2005 Cessna Citation XLS. Not For Sale Withdrawn. Aircaft Make: Cessna | Aircraft Model: Citation XLS. Signup for Free to see Price. Not For Sale Withdrawn. Description; Details; Features; Address; Contact; Aircraft Specifications. HIGHLIGHTS. 5,886 HOURS; 5,114 LANDINGS; DUAL UNS-1ESPW W/WAAS ; 220 HOURS SINCE ENGINE OVERHAULS; AIRCELL ATG-5000 GOGO HIGH SPEED. Charter a Cessna Citation XLS+ private jet: Formed in 1927 by Clyde Cessna, the Cessna Aircraft Company has had a long and successful history of aircraft manufacturing with the first Citation jet being put into service in 1972 and more than 35 million flight hours logged since Cessna; Citation XLS 560; Fixed Costs. Total Fixed Costs are expenses which are required no matter how many hours you fly. These costs typically include crew, hangar, insurance, training and other miscelaneous expenses. Breakdown of Fixed Costs Crew. Crew expenses will vary based on many factors such as the experience, certifications, location and amount of time they are expected to be away. Aircrafts Cessna Citation XLS Manual. Instrumentation and avionics (81 pages) Aircrafts Cessna 150 STANDARD Service Manual. 150 series 1969 thru 1976 (359 pages) Aircrafts Cessna 172 Skyhawk Owner's Manual (41 pages) Aircrafts Cessna Skywagon 185 Owner's Manual (52 pages) Aircrafts Cessna 150 Owner's Manual (51 pages) Aircrafts Cessna Hawk XP R172K Pilot Operating Handbook (127 pages.

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Cessna a ensuite produit le Citation Excel entre 1996 et 2004 qui deviendra plus tard le Citation XLS, puis le Citation XLS+ dont les photos se trouvent dans le précédent location jet privé CITATION XLS article. Les utilisateurs avaient surtout indiqué à Cessna qu'ils voulaient disposer de plus de puissance pour pouvoir décoller de terrains chauds et situés en altitude. Cessna. 2005 CESSNA CITATION XLS. VA, US. $3,899,000. MID SIZED JET CABIN WITH THE FLEXIBILITY OF ACCESSING SMALLER AIRPORTS The Citation XLS is among the best-selling private jets of all time, and for good reason. Its airframe combines midsize comfort and performance with the flexibility typically only found in a light jet. It can easily operate out of 4,000-foot runways and direct climb to 41,000. A makeover of the Excel, the Citation XLS has a glass cockpit and upgraded engines with increased performance. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for charter flights. Charter a Cessna Citation XLS XLS

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Scarica Gratis Cessna Citation Xls Plus For Sale Citations Year 44428 Plane. Téléchargement gratuit Premier Jet Aviation Jetav Cessna Citation Xls Specifications. Téléchargement gratuit Garmin G5000 For Citation Excel And Citation Xls Century Avionics. Scarica Gratis 2008 Citation Xls D Cnoc European Aircraft Sales . Avoir G5000 Upgrade Program For Citation Excel Xls Certification Update. Left: Right: HSN: 5,704 hrs: 5,609 hrs: CSN: 3,808 cycles: 3,736 cycles: TSOH: 689 hrs: 631 hrs: S/N: PCE-DD00058: PCE-DD0005 Cessna 560XL Citation Excel/XLS Basic Type. Cessna 560XL Citation Excel/XLS Manufacturer. Cessna MSN. 560-5645 Reg. D-COBI Location. Fairford Region. England Country. United Kingdom Date Photographed. July 20, 2019 Cancel.

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Browse Aircraft.com's catalog of CESSNA CITATION XLS. Find tail numbers, view photos, and get detailed individual aircraft informatio The Citation XLS is a popular and well-established aircraft which is suitable for up to 8 passengers and baggage, for flights across Europe or within the US. The XLS is the upgrade to its predecessor, the Citation XL, with quieter air conditioning and smoother braking. Features - 7/8 seat configuration - Built in restroom - Cost-effective to charter - Large baggage carrying capacity. Comfort. 07 Sep 2019: Crew in Citation XLS+ accident at Aarhus disabled EGPWS when descending below glideslope 27 Aug 2019: Cessna 560XL Citation Excel crashed on final approach to Aligarh Airport, India 22 Aug 2019: Cessna 560XL Citation Excel caught fire after runway overrun at Oroville Airport, USA 06 Aug 2019: A Cessna Citation XLS+crashed on landing in fog at Aarhus Airport, Denmar

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Cessna 560XL Citation Excel - YU-PZM (Private / Privé) par Jean-luc ALTHERR - Partagez vos photos d'avions et découvrez des milliers de clichés en haute-définition, des informations sur les compagnies aériennes, les constructeurs aéronautiques, les aéroports du monde,. Cessna 560XL Citation XLS. Latest | Most liked | Most viewed. Chris2002 | Mönchengladbach Air Hamburg | Cessna 560XL Citation XLS. Christoph Plank | Innsbruck NetJets Europe (Portugal) | Cessna 560XL Citation XLS. Christoph Plank | Innsbruck.

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Cessna 500 and 501 Citation I and SP's, the 525, 550 and 551, and Citation II series and later models. We've parted out thirteen Citations! Two undamaged! Here are a few of the items you should check with us for: Instruments. Interiors, seats. All system parts. All structural parts. Control surfaces. Radomes, Avionics. OHC - Landing gear. OHC. Cessna · Citation XLS; Aperçu général. L'un des jets d'affaire les plus vendu, le Citation XLS, doit sa popularité à sa capacité à opérer dans les petits aéroports, tout en offrant les commodités d'une cabine d'un jet de taille moyenne. Avec plus de 5 mètres de long, celle-ci offre de l'espace et du confort. Elle dispose également d'un point de rafraîchissement. Cessna 560XL Citation Excel/XLS Basic Type. Cessna 560XL Citation Excel/XLS Manufacturer. Cessna MSN. 560-5754 Reg. CS-DXS Location. Innsbruck - Kranebitten Country. Austria Date Photographed. February 8, 2020 Cancel. Cessna Citation XLS is powered by more powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545B engine rated at 3,991-lb of thrust at take-off. Cessna began Citation XLS deliveries in 2004. The original Citation Excel was delivered in May 1998, and 370 units were delivered through June 2004. The Citation XLS was first delivered in July 2004, and 329 are expected to be delivered through the end of September 2008.

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Le Cessna Citation XLS+ est une version améliorée du XLS, qui a lui-même remplacé l'Excel en 2004. Cet avion est polyvalent avec une très bonne autonomie pour des vols de plus 2h30.Avec une hauteur de plafond d'1.73 mètres, on peut généralement se tenir debout dans la cabine. En fonction de la durée du vol et du nombre de passagers, une hôtesse de l'air peut être présente à. Cessna Citation Sovereign. Résumé . Le Citation Sovereign est un jet de taille super intermédiaire très prisé qui offre un rapport qualité-prix remarquable dans sa catégorie et affiche d'excellentes performances sur piste courte. La cabine est une version allongée du Citation XLS, offrant suffisamment d'espace en hauteur et équipée de toilettes ainsi que d'un espace pour 8 sièges. Modèle 3D Cessna Citation xls + jet d'affaires à télécharger comme lwo, blend, obj, 3ds, and fbx libre de droits sur TurboSquid: modèles 3D pour jeux, architecture, vidéos. (741885

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Cessna Citation Excel/ XLS/XLS+ Training Program Highlights. FlightSafety Textron Aviation Training operates the world's only Citation XLS+ full flight simulators. Online, instructor-led ground school and maintenance training is available for the Citation Excel and XLS through FlightSafety's LiveLearning. This flexible delivery is ideal for complex training at a distance. FlightBag, our. Définitions de Cessna Citation, synonymes, antonymes, dérivés de Cessna Citation, dictionnaire analogique de Cessna Citation (espagnol Location Cessna Citation XLS. Louez votre Cessna Citation XLS avec Jet Monde. L'équipage est composé de 2 pilotes et 1 hotesse. Le Cessna Citation XLS peut accueillir 9 passagers sur une distance de 3400 km. Ce bi-réacteur a une vitesse de croisière de 815 km/h. Jet Monde propose à la location le Cessna Citation XLS sur toutes destinations {:fr} La vitesse et le confort seront toujours en demande des gens qui apprécient le vrai goût de la vie. Quelqu'un qui choisit de première classe des voitures ou des trains à grande vitesse, et les vols charters léger de la двухмоторном avion Cessna Citation XLS (Cessna 560XL ) choisissent les plus sages, sachant avantageux [

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