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ULX commands. A list of all the default ULX commands. Not all usergroups have access to the same commands. Run ulx help to see the commands that are available to you. Fun. ulx armor <players> <armor: 0<=x<=255> - Sets the armor for target(s) Command list Where it says <playername>, this is mostly needed if you are using the command on someone else. If a command needs a player name and you want to target yourself, use !command ^. You do not need to type the full name, only enough of it so ULX can tell who you want to use it on To give yourself a jump start into ULX, simply remember the commands ulx help and ulx menu. To access the commands and settings in ULX, you can open the GUI with ulx menu in console. It is recommended to bind this command to a keyboard key. Additionally, you can use console commands in the form of ulx (command) (arguments) or chat commands in the form of !(command) (arguments). To add users to. ULX can be used to assist in administration & server management, deal with rulebreakers, alter gameplay and much, much more! Feature highlights. An immense list of commands. An easy-to-use and intuitive GUI. A powerful targeting system. Full-featured and configurable logging system. Reserved slots. Configurable adverts. Autocompleted console.

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ULX commands can be entered two ways; by entering them in the Nodecraft game server control panel console window, or directly into the in-game chat in Garry's Mod (as long as you are an admin). There are slightly different formats depending on which way the command is entered. ULX commands are usually followed by targets and arguments, separated by spaces. The targets control who the. ULX Mod - The commands - Teleporting Admins can bring and teleport players. It is really rather easy:-In the ULX UI All teleport related commands are listed in the 'Teleport' section. Bringing a player to you:!bring <player name> Going to a player!goto <player name> Sending one player to another: !send <player name> <player name> Tip: Imagine there is a 'to' in the middle of the two player. Commande ulx. Initiateur de la discussion Kitsu; Date de début 9 Février 2017; 9 Février 2017. Initiateur de la discussion #1 ; Kitsu Chuck Norris. Messages 7 099 Score réaction 2 903 Points 740. Bonjour bonsoir les gens, j'ai un petit soucis , je me mets à créer des commandes ulx j'ai donc commencer par la base des bases grâce a un tutoriel anglais qui montre la création d'une. o ulx rcon {command} - Execute command on server console. (say: !rcon) Category: User Management o ulx addgroup <group> [<inherits from>] - Create a new group with optional inheritance. o ulx adduser <player> <group> - Add a user to specified group. o ulx adduserid <SteamID, IP, or UniqueID> <group> - Add a user by ID to specified group. o ulx groupallow <group> <command> [<access tag>] - Add.

Allez dans l'onglet ULX Command/Event Echoes. Ouvrez le premier menu déroulant. Sélectionnez Do not echo admin commands. Comment mettre des raison pour les kicks et les bans. ULX vous permet d'avoir des raisons de kicks et de bans prédéfinis. Allez sur ULX Kick/Ban Reason ULX-D Command Strings (en) Download PDF (411 KB) Software & Firmware. WWB6. La HF peut être la meilleur amie de votre système audio, comme son pire ennemi. Mais il existe une solution logicielle pour que le signal sans fil soit toujours de votre côté, dans n'importe quel environnement. Contrôlez tout votre système HF avec Wireless Workbench® 6. ShurePlus™ Channels. ShurePlus. Author Topic: ULX COMMANDS (ALL NEW STAFF MUST READ) (Read 3454 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. Mick Galax. Senior Admin; Full Member; Posts: 186; Reputation: +33/-12; ULX COMMANDS (ALL NEW STAFF MUST READ) « on: April 06, 2017, 01:22:32 PM » BASIC COMMANDS!menu (it opens the ulx menu if your having a hard time using a command on the player) Teleporting Commands Shortcut. I have been working on ULX commands lately and it would be nice to know how some of this works. I have no been able to use logString or get it to print into chat without using ULib.tsayColor() or filex.Append(). Logged JamminR. Ulysses Team Member; Hero Member; Posts: 8073; Karma: 387 ; Sertafide Ulysses Jenius; Re: ULX Commands « Reply #1 on: November 05, 2010, 05:59:09 PM » Though long and.

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More custom commands for ulx. Contribute to cobalt77/Custom-ULX-Commands development by creating an account on GitHub If you wish to open up your ULX menu from a button, open up your client side console and type the following command: bind b ulx_menu If you don't know how to open up your console say this in local chat ;con_enable 1;bind F12 toggleconsole; And press F12 on your keyboard to launch the console. How to find your steam ID. Open SteamID Finder and enter your steam community profile url, looks like. Supports ULX and Serverguard ## Features. Makes a popup with quick access buttons; Console command (for bind) to quickly claim a case adminpopups_claimtop; Hides default ULX Admin Chat; Automatically detects admins that can see popups via admin chat; Filters admins so they don't create unnecessary popups. Claim system so only 1 moderator. BASIC COMMANDS!menu (it opens the ulx menu if your having a hard time using a command on the player) Teleporting Commands Shortcut Keys: @ is when you look at the player to use the command on them, * is to use the command on all the players, and ^ is to use the command on yourself You don't need to type in their full name like for example if their name is MountainRush type !goto mountain or.

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  1. ULX - Allez sur la Page Github de ULX et appuyez sur le bouton vert Clone or Download et appuyez sur Download as ZIP Installation : Créez deux dossiers sur votre Bureau, nommez le premier dossier ulib, Ensuite nommez le deuxième dossier ulx puis allez la où vos Téléchargements en .zip ont étaient enregistrés, Maintenant, essayez de trouver le dossier .zip ulib.
  2. How to create custom ULX Commands JackkTutorials. Loading... Unsubscribe from JackkTutorials? How to add ULX/ULiB to your Garry's Mod Server (2016) - Duration: 9:25. soulfuze 1,831 views. 9:25.
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  4. SET command, the ULX-D receiver will respond with a REPORT string to indicate the new value of the parameter. 3. REP - When the ULX-D receives a GET or SET command, it will reply with a REPORT command to indicate the status of the parameter. REPORT is also sent by the ULX-D receiver when a parameter is changed via the front panel or via Wireless Workbench. 4. SAMPLE - Used for metering RF.

o ulx cancelcmd - Runs the specified command after a number of seconds. (say: !cancelcmd) o ulx cleardecals - Clear decals for all players. (say: !cleardecals) o ulx color <players> <color> - Add trails on players. (say: !setcolor) (opposite: ulx resetcolor) o ulx convar <variable> <value> - Change a server ConVar. (say: !convar) (opposite: ulx sconvar) o ulx crash <player> - Crashes a player. Cette commande vous permet d'ouvrir le menu ULX afin d'accéder directement aux catégories ci-dessous. Catégorie Admin :!admin et !unadmin Cette commande vous permet de passer en mode Administration. Cela signifie que vous serez automatiquement invincible et invisible. La commande !unadmin vous permet de repasser en mode normal, vous serez de nouveau visible et vulnérable aux dégats.!heal. ULX Commands - Matovick - 10-09-2013 03:48 PM The current admin mod we use is ULX. AN IMPORTANT NOTE TO MEMBERS AND ABOVE You are given access to kick players from the server, and Moderators can ban. This is NOT to be abused. Use it as a last resort after warning a player to stop whatever it is they're doing to annoy others. Kicking players without good reason multiple times will get you. To install one of the command packs in this repo, just copy the folder (ie. pointshop-ulx-commands) to your addons directory and restart the server! Authors and Contributors. All ULX modules in this pack are created by me . You may see them posted by RTLK, Pvt. Grif, Lynx, or Dark Ember, but they are all me (those are just various names I've.

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  1. o ulx luarun* {command} - Executes lua in server console. (Use '=' for output) o ulx rcon {command} - Execute command on server console. (say: !rcon) Category: User Management* o ulx addgroup* <group> [<inherits from>] - Create a new group with optional inheritance. o ulx adduser* <player> <group> - Add a user to specified group. o ulx adduserid* <SteamID, IP, or UniqueID> <group> - Add a user.
  2. La commande say que vous mettrez dans un bind c'est pour dire quelque chose dans le tchat comme par exemple le /me ci-dessus. La commande ulx avant une autre commande d'action fera forcément une commande qu'il y a dans le menu ULX (attention c'est seulement si vous avez des permissions sinon le bind fonctionnera pas! Ou alors tout simplement vous pouvez faire un bind pour ouvrir le menu.
  3. local shrek = ulx.command( Matrix_, ulx shrek, ulx.shrek, !shrek ) shrek::addParam{ type=ULib.cmds.PlayersArg } shrek::defaultAccess( ULib.ACCESS_ADMIN ) shrek:help( Shreks a player to kingdom come ) Posted by Naim at 10:13. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Labels: ULX. No comments: Post a comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to.
  4. Schmidt. February 14, 2014 at 1:46 am Is there a way to do the commands in the chat other than the ter

Custom ULX commands. a guest . Oct 19th, 2014. 708 . Never . Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! text 6.58 KB . raw download clone embed report print. Category: Custom o ulx administrate - Cloak yourself, noclip yourself, and god yourself. (say: !admin) (opposite: ulx unadministrate). wOS admin console commands. wos_openadminmenu - Opens a menu that allows you to set peoples level, set xp, add levels, and add xp, modify inventores, etc. It is your mega admin menu. Configure it in the config/admin folder. wos_lootspawn_start - Gives you an item spawn tool to setup item spawns on your map ; wos_lootspawn_end - Saves all the spawns you have placed; wos_openinventory - Opens. All seem pretty useless/ uneeded, I personally don't think we need any more commands, ulx respawn <player> - Definitely not. ulx force <player> <pram> Removes the point of the game if you're GIVEN the choice between T or Detective. ulx afk <player> Useful perhaps, but we have a timer. ulx unafk <player> Useful perhaps, but we have a timer

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Is there anyway to bind ULX Commands to keys as admin? Help. I was recently promoted to Admin of a server and I was just wondering if there was a way I could bind keys so when pressed they do something like jail the person I am looking at or anything similar. I don't know if it's possible or not but if anyone can help out that would be groovy. 16 comments. share. save hide report. 50% Upvoted. GmodStore is the one stop Garry's Mod marketplace. We use cookies to personalise content and analyse traffic. By continuing to use our website you accept our usage of cookies

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J'ai une ULX (bipale + blindage alu) sur mon skyranger (rotax 582). Je n'ai effectué que 2 vols (de 2 heures et demi) pour l'instant et ma machine est cloué au sol pour le moment. Cette hélice (il me semble) me faisait prendre les 6800 tr/min à l'arrêt. Il faudra que je revérifie cela, dès sa remise en route Looking for online definition of ULX or what ULX stands for? ULX is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms ULX is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronym In order to activate console commands, you must open the library, right click Garry's Mod, click properties, set launch options and then type in -console and then click OK. Once you've done that, when you open Garry's mod press the ` key. If you've done all the steps properly before, the console menu should open. More of this sort of thing: Garry's Mod - How to Make a Basic. GmodStore is the one stop Garry's Mod marketplace. Stop losing players today! Introducing the first fully automated anti-crash system including admin tools to stop those annoying crashers from ruining your player count [image] For deathrun. Other server guidelines may be coming. Keep in mind, this is a general guide for the commands you'll..

ULX Console Commands, ULX Targeting and Keybinding Explained GExtension :: The all-in-one package for your community · gmodstore Show Posts - memefarmer - Get Some TTT] Staff Guide How to install a dedicated server for Steam games • Angry-Mob Denied - [TTT Staff] Joao (STEAM_0:0:66877603) | Project Crescent. local instCloseserver = ulx. command (missing_chapter. closeserver [' category '], missing_chapter. closeserver [' console '], ulx. closeserver. func, missing_chapter. closeserver [' chat ']) instCloseserver: help ([[Prevents users from connecting to the server. STEAMID_32: Only one specific person - Example: STEAM_0:1:56987503 (Potatofactory) - Example 2: STEAM_0:1:56196170 (Jck123) CUSTOM.

ULX commands here - look at the first command for the respawn. You can run ulx commands in the chatbox of the game, or in the console of the game (open gmod options, set a key to dev console, then use that key to open the console). level 2. 3 points · 7 months ago. So, in your case, it would be !ulx respawn guy_who_doesnt_know_how_to_google Continue this thread level 1. 1 point · 7 months. Les meilleures offres pour Shure ULX wireless microphones sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite In GMOD, you can use Developer Console for execute Commands and have Fun too with sv_cheats 1. So, here i'm going to show you some developer console Commands in GMOD (And Some of them Need sv_cheats 1 for Work!) sv_cheats 1 - Enables cheats on the server. buddha - Makes you survive if your health reaches on 1. noclip - Makes you fly around on the map. (Is the same effect If you press V [By. L'ULX-D établit une nouvelle référence sans précédent en matière d'efficacité spectrale et de stabilité du signal. Les performances en termes d'intermodulation de l'ULX-D représentent un progrès incroyable dans l'univers du sans fil, permettant un accroissement important du nombre d'émetteurs actifs simultanément sur un seul canal de télévision. Le signal RF extrêmement.

bonjours je viens de prendre un serveur verygames et j'ai mis les plugin ULX/ULIB j'ai beau mettre mon pseudo et mon id je ne devient toujours pas admin j'ai besoin d'une aide urgente merci. j'ai. [TUTO] Les Commandes ULX. Sujet ferm é Note de ce sujet : Moyenne : 0 (0 vote(s)) 1. Vous avez cherché ceci : ULXSTORE ! Découvrez les articles uniques créés par ULXSTORE. Chez Etsy, nous sommes particulièrement fiers de notre communauté internationale de vendeurs. Chacun d'entre eux contribue à une place de marché internationale rassemblant des objets créatifs. En soutenant ULXSTORE, vous aidez une petite entreprise mais aussi Etsy

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Dans ce tutoriel je vais vous expliquer comment faire la mise à jour DarkRP, l'installation ULib/ULX avec en plus l'affichage de la console et la commande pour se logué en Rcon et ULX Oui ça fait beaucoup mais il vaut mieux tout mettre _____--Prérequis : _____ Activer la console dans Gmod : TUTO 1 TUTO 2 Info : -console Info : Mettre la touche [²] _____ Télécharger ULib/ULX : News. KORTH ULX .357Mag. 4,000.00 . SUR COMMANDE, tout la gamme KORTH Tous les pistolets sont fabriqués sur commande selon la demande du client, puis traités par 2 à 4 personnes du début à la fin, en fonction de la complexité. CABOT GUNS. MADE IN THE USA. C'est le premier pistolet de style 1911 de qualité aérospatiale au monde. Cabot 1911 n'est pas juste un autre 1911. Les Cabot 1911 ont.

l'addon permet d'empécher les staff de noclip si ils sont pas en mode admin et l'addon a été crée par moi donc il n'est pas sur gmodstore Commande : !staff (modifiable) Besoin de Awarn (Awarn3 de préférence) dispo ici. Bonjour à tous, je vais tacher d'être clair :Sur un serveur Gmod, j'aimerai trouver le fichier .lua permettant d'ajouter la commande ulx shock (ex : !shock). Cette commande fonctionne comme un.

Les émetteurs ULX-D peuvent être alimentés par un accu rechargeable Lithium-Ion permettant l'affichage du temps restant en heures et minutes avec une précision de 15 minutes tout en offrant une autonomie supérieure. Caractéristiques générales: - Jusqu'à 72 MHz de bande passante HF - Jusqu'à 70 systèmes en simultané par bande en mode standard - Jusqu'à 560 systèmes en. Adding yourself as Superadmin on ULX (highest possible rank) you need to follow these steps. 1. Open command line manager in your control panel. 2. Click custom command lines. 3. Create a new one, fill in the details, making sure you click the check-boxes next to the fields that you are typing for (map, gamemode and rcon password).> 4. Click save, and make sure that you click select at the far.

Manche MacBook élégante, minimaliste et chic conçue pour le MacBook Pro de 13 pouces. Fabriqué en cuir végétalien avec une bonne quantité de rembourrage pour protéger votre MacBook tout en regardant toujours grand. L'intérieur dispose d'une doublure luxueuse en micro-fibre qui fait un travai [RoleFlayers] !SERIOUS! >MaxRP< Server SVN. Oh no! Some styles failed to load. Please try reloading this pag The next command, uses only a part of your name but it has to be long enough to be unique to who is on your server. Now type in the following into your web console: ulx adduser horsemen superadmin xx; You need to replace xx with the immunity you wish to have. So if there are more people with the same rank trying to kick each other, the guy with the largest immunity will be able to kick the. This is different from ulx v1 where commands were preceded by ulx_. __To give yourself a jump start into ulx, simply remember the commands ulx help and ulx menu. You can also access the menu by saying !menu.__ Check out the configs folder in ulx for some more goodies. Group: Changelog v3.40 - *(06/20/09)* * [ADD] Alltalk to the admin menu * [FIX] Umsgs being sent too early in certain.

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Console commands are easy to add and remove. This is actually one of the easiest things you can learn in Lua and yet it could mean a lot to your actual coding process and time you take up to code whatever you are coding. Console commands can be called. Mais, en me connectant je remarque que ULX n'y est pas, alors que, depuis le panel du site, j'ai installé ULx, Ulib et MySQLOO Si vous auriez un conseil / une réponse ?? Merci . Enzo Membre reconnu. Membre du personnel. Helper. 8 Février 2017 #2. 8 Février 2017 #2. Tu dois installer manuellement les plufins (le gestionnaire de plugins est en maintenance ). SkyVard_ Nouveau membre. 8. ulx luarun* {command} - Executa um comando lua no servidor. (Use '=' como saída) ulx rcon {command} - Executa um comando no console do servidor. (Digite: !rcon) Categoria: User Management* ulx addgroup* [] - Cria um grupo com algumas autorizações. ulx adduser* - Adiciona alguém a um grupo determinado. ulx adduserid* - Adiciona alguém pelo ID á um grupo. ulx groupallow.

Some commands, such as changelevel will display a list of items related to the command (like a list of maps). Console Commands Console Command Category. For a list of Garry's Mod console commands and a description of them, see the Console Command Category. Global. There are to many to list here, but many other sites have already created a nice list for you. Half-Life 2 Client Console Commands. LPEX Customization Command Profile.hlx. Hollex Cartridge Image.ulz. USBlyzer Captured Data.uix. UIX XML Page.ilx. Interlex Vocabulary Data.umx. Unreal Tournament Music Package.ukx. Unreal Tournament Animation Package Ne peut pas ouvrir un fichier .ulx? Lorsque vous double-cliquez sur un fichier pour l'ouvrir, Windows examine l'extension de nom de fichier. Si Windows reconnaît l'extension de. About ULX Files. Our goal is to help you understand what a file with a *.ulx suffix is and how to open it. The Glulx Game file type, file format description, and Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android programs listed on this page have been individually researched and verified by the FileInfo team.We strive for 100% accuracy and only publish information about file formats that we have tested and.

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ulx luarun {command} - Executes lua in server console. (Use '=' for output) ulx rcon {command} - Execute command on server console. (say: !rcon) Category: User Management ulx addgroup <group> [<inherits from>] - Create a new group with optional inheritance. ulx adduser <player> <group> - Add a user t specified group. ulx adduserid <SteamID, IP, or UniqueID> <group> - Add a user by ID t. GFK niedax-croisement uLX 100.450 99 4013339959730 pour traverse: Amazon.fr: High-tech Choisir vos préférences en matière de cookies Nous utilisons des cookies et des outils similaires pour faciliter vos achats, fournir nos services, pour comprendre comment les clients utilisent nos services afin de pouvoir apporter des améliorations, et pour présenter des annonces bamq moved Update Custom ULX Commands addon to latest from GitHub. from Finished, on Dev server, ready to be moved to live server. to Liv

ULX commands. Checklist. Force role; Give item; ttt_debug_preventwin; ttt_minimum_players; Extend round; Restart round; Actions. Raus moved ULX commands lower Raus. Raus. Raus completed Force role on ULX commands. Raus completed Restart round on ULX commands. Raus added Checklist to ULX commands. Raus added ULX commands to Additions Raus. Board Comrade Cube TTT. ULX commands. Easy; Mid. Clearly the force command has no place, and the body armor and credits commands are abusive/cheating. But perhaps the afk, unafk, slaynr and (less likely) respawn could be useful. But perhaps the afk, unafk, slaynr and (less likely) respawn could be useful

commands=+r_hunkalloclightmaps 0 +tv_enable 0 puis à la fin de parms= » », ajoutez : ${commands} Config des ports. Si vous n'avez qu'un serveur, laissez par défaut. Pour la config des ports, il y a le port principal, utilisé pour se connecter (« port »), le port « spectateur » (je sais même pas si c'est utilisé dans gmod) et le port « client » qui est indispensable. Je. Gmod Tutorial — All ULX Commands Explained This is a tutorial that will teach you all base ULX commands and what they do. ULX is an admin mod for Garry's Mod made by Team Ulysses Ouvrez une invite de commande dans ce répertoire et lancez SteamCMD Windows: steamcmd; Linux: ./steamcmd.sh; Il peut être nécessaire de rendre le script exécutable : chmod +x steamcmd.sh. Le programme se mettra à jour et entrera dans une invite Steam>. Entrer help pour obtenir les commandes et informations. 4. Quitter SteamCMD (pour info) Entrez : quit Télécharger un serveur. Il vous. **The MOTD** ----- You can change the MOTD (The Message witch pop-up when you join the server) here : **C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\*STEAM NAME*\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons\ULX\ulx_motd.txt** Edit this file using HTML language and put for example the changelog of your server. **Usage** ===== Everything is self explained in the XGUI and you don't really need help using it. To see the. Commands/whitelist. From Minecraft Wiki < Commands. Jump to: navigation, search. whitelist. Restrictions Multiplayer Operator No command blocks. First introduced Java Edition Beta 1.3. Manages the server whitelist. In Java Edition, server ops can always connect when the whitelist is active, even if their profiles do not appear in the whitelist. In Bedrock Edition, players must be whitelisted.

Personnellement, cette commande dans le command bloc n'a pas marché, dans le chat par contre elle a marcher. Tu as oublié le / à gamerule aussi. En bref, marque dans le command bloc /gamerule commandBlockOutput false (respecte les majuscules), si ça ne marche pas, marque la dans le chat. 0 Ryushoki pan pan pew pew 17 Décembre 2011 2 920 250 58 22 Pupigny-Les-Bains-En-Champagne-Les. Ben j'aimerais faire un bind de l'affichage d'ulx, du fait que tout flemmard extrémiste qui se respecte, taper !menu à chaque fois pour régler un détail (les début d'un serveur^^) et ainsi mieux régler le server.cfg ou autre, c'est un peu lourd u.U. Alors il me semblait que dans la commande si on bind x ulx_menu on pouvait avoir le menu. Merci mec, je t'adore ! Merci beaucoup Merci pour l'addon je le cherche depuis trop longtemp Player Spawn Point Editor fix also darkrp set spawn command Presentation. A full spawn point system. To you simply do what you want. For example if you find that spawn at the police officers arriving on servers and that doctors in hospitals, For the spawn darkrp military officer in his office. Admins that ULX or Other spawn at a specific point. Whether you change your mind and want to.

LPEX Customization Command Profile.hlx. Hollex Cartridge Image.ulz. USBlyzer Captured Data.uix. UIX XML Page.ilx. Interlex Vocabulary Data.umx. Unreal Tournament Music Package . L'extension du fichier .ulx est souvent donné incorrectement! Selon les recherches sur notre site, ces fautes d'orthographe sont le plus commun dans l'année écoulée: hlx (1), upx (1), ulz (1), uld (1), ukx (1), lx. Then use this command to print out the log of the current round. Note that this is a lot of data. ttt_highlight_admins Set to 0 to make admins not appear gold/yellow on the scoreboard. General commands. ttt_version Prints current version number. ttt_dropweapon Will drop your current weapon. By default the key that would open the GMod spawn menu (default Q) instead performs this action. You can.

Garry&#39;s Mod (GMod) Ulx addons | garrysmodsSteam Community :: Guide :: How to bind Noclip for darkrpHugoBDesigner: Non-Update UpdateOn Screen Admin Logs by boxvader | garrysmods

Ulx admin command. If you wish to open up your ULX menu from a button, open up your client side console and type the following command: bind b ulx_menu See full list on github. Dont worry though with ULX there is no need to remember long strings or even commands, we can just open the simple GUI. Press Y or your chat bind key. How to open the ULX admin menu from the chat. Execute the command. Make these steps if you want to import players and bans from ULX or ServerGuard. You may should do that before you open your server to public. This will only import the users with their groups (and bans), not the groups itself. You have to create the groups before (Admin -> Settings -> Groups). Run the appropriate command in the server or client console: gex_import_ulib for ULX; gex_import. ULX commands are usually followed by targets and arguments, separated by spaces. The targets control who the. o ulx cexec <players> {command} - Run a command on console of target(s). (say: !cexec) o ulx ent <classname> [{<flag>:<value>}] - Spawn an ent, separate flag and value with ':'. o ulx exec <file> - Execute a file from the cfg directory on the server. o ulx luarun {command} - Executes. To access the options on the ULX Unloader submenu, you must first open the Modules menu, and then select the option (using the mouse or keyboard) to list the commands. To ensure the options on the ULX Unloader submenu are active when you begin your session, the following conditions must be in effect: 1

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